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About The Neon Entertainment & Events Venue in Newport

Our Plan

We have transformed the old Odeon cinema site in Newport South Wales and converted it in to a modern multi functioning events & entertainment venue with a permanent exhibition hall which has been created for hosting numerous public events, shows, live music and comedy gigs, business events and exhibitions.  These Newport Events can be hosted, along with a mixture of cinema shows and live shows, dinners and parties offering a versatile mix of business and leisure.

If you are looking to find out “Whats on in Newport”, Then you should be checking out “Whats on” at The Neon…

Our Aim

Our aim is to be considerate to the heritage of this great building, whilst allowing it to once again entertain the local community and businesses community including all of the people of Newport, as it did for many years, since it first opened its doors in 1934.

What We Want

The NEON’s Art Deco building is a working and fully fuctional testimonial to its cinema heritage, whilst affording all of the people who visit her once again a chance to indulge in not just the world of fantasy and magic, but also to enjoy stage shows, comedy acts, live music, business events and so much more.

We want your imagination to set the limits and we have chosen The Neon Entertainment & Events Venue as our portal.

Why “The Neon”?

Playing on the original Odeon name (Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation) we have chosen Neon as the buildings new name (Newport Entertains Our Nation).

What We Offer

Further to the main auditorium for our Live Music, Comedy & Business Events, we have plans for a number of additional services to be on offer within The Neon Entertainment & Events Venue, such as serviced offices for small businesses or working professionals just seeking a space away from home in order to concentrate or a business looking to expand with offices in a truly stand out and remarkable building. A café in the main foyer area offering visitors a chance to relax before and/or after a show or maybe just for passers by to drop in to relax on the way to or from the city centre, Conference rooms to hire, a bar to accommodate guests wishing to have a drink whilst attending a show or an event and so much more.

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